Freestyle libre 2 approved in UK



Check this out:


I suspect they incorporated a miaomiao or blucon type device in order to provide alarms?


Very interesting. Thanks.

Let’s see how long it takes to get in U.S., and competes with Dexcom 6.


And into Canada. With alarms, I could easily decamp from Dexcom, given the cost difference. Depends what CGMs the Omnipod Dash will communicate with.


Well well, that is the best news i’ve heard all year!!! Now, just need to wait at least a year for it to be released in Canada, but nonetheless, it’ll be a definite plus plus!!!


Now December and no news of Libre 2 being delivered.

The original announcement said 1st released in Germany late summer and then rolled out across the rest of Europe.

As far as I am aware Libre 2 just has alarms which are not loud. Probably one high and one low preset and not adjustable.
Not clear if we will need new readers
same size and price as existing Libre.
No smartphone app but reader uploads to Libre L:ink.
Worrying tales that xdrip+ and Spike will not be able to read it
If anyone knows more than this please update me.