Tandem Control-IQ study in children 6-13

Control-IQ has been studied in children aged 6-13. The results have been published last week in NEJM:

“A total of 101 children underwent randomization (78 to the closed-loop group and 23 to the control group); the glycated hemoglobin levels at baseline ranged from 5.7 to 10.1%. The mean (±SD) percentage of time that the glucose level was in the target range of 70 to 180 mg per deciliter increased from 53±17% at baseline to 67±10% (the mean over 16 weeks of treatment) in the closed-loop group and from 51±16% to 55±13% in the control group (mean adjusted difference, 11 percentage points [equivalent to 2.6 hours per day]; 95% confidence interval, 7 to 14; P<0.001).”


Good news for those with school aged kids who couldn’t get Control IQ activated. Should be even more interesting when the next version of this algorithm get released.

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