Article FYI- Multicenter study on Omnipod/Dexcom closed-loop system published

Lay press summary: Novel automated insulin delivery system well-tolerated in type 1 diabetes patients: Study
PDF of full article:

Key findings of the study include:

  • A total of 235 participants (98% of enrolled, including 111 children and 124 adults) completed the study.
  • HbA1c was significantly reduced in children by 0.71% (7.8 mmol/mol) and in adults by 0.38% (4.2 mmol/mol).
  • Time in range was improved from standard therapy by 15.6 ± 11.5% or 3.7 h/day in children and 9.3 ± 11.8% or 2.2 h/day in adults. This was accomplished with a reduction in time in hypoglycemia <70 mg/dL among adults (median: 2.00% to 1.09%), while this parameter remained the same in children.
  • There were three severe hypoglycemia events not attributable to automated insulin delivery malfunction and one diabetic ketoacidosis event from an infusion site failure.

“This tubeless automated insulin delivery system was safe and allowed participants to significantly improve HbA1c levels and time in target glucose range with a very low occurrence of hypoglycemia,” wrote the authors.


user-selected glu- cose target, which can range from 110 to 150 mg/dL in 10 mg/dL increments and can be programmed to vary by time of day

Thanks, interesting. I think that target range is too high for some of us. I target 80 mg/dL with DIY Loop.


Same, I’ve found that targeting the 80s makes life much easier as it improves insulin sensitivities (and reduces stress) and making small corrections leads to less lower blood sugars that are much easier to correct.


I’m still weighing the options for this Omnipod closed loop and hope to try it once it comes out. Recently I spoke with Insulet phone rep who still has no solid timeframe for availability. I was told “Late 2021”. Seems FDA review/approval is hung up somewhere in WA DC.

Seems like targeting 100-110 while sleeping would be helpful at least for me. I assume the Omnipod system can run on manual while awake (targeting whatever we want) and closed loop while asleep.


You can do this with DIY Loop. If you end up using Tidepool’s FDA approved Loop, which is based on DIY Loop, then open loop should be available.


Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been looking at Loop for a while but decided to wait for the Omnipod Horizon to come out. Staring at my laptop to install Loop is not going to happen for me at least in the near future. I also have some daily activities when I do not carry my phone (I strap the G6 receiver around my waist) and don’t think I can mentally handle safeguarding my iPhone plus the Riley all day long. It would drive me nuts. If FDA delays Insulet into 2022 I might change my tune.


Totally understand. That was my main concern when I switched from Android using xDrip+ standalone Sony watch as the Dex collector. I could go running without bringing anything with me except my watch! But, I bought the tiny iPhone SE for Loop, so it really is not such a big deal after all to carry it with me running (and RL which is the size of a Tic Tac box). Fits easily in my waist bag.