FYI - Omnipod clinical trial

Omnipod Horizon Hybrid Closed-Loop Study Seeking Participants with Type 1 Diabetes

A clinical trial testing the safety and effectiveness of Insulet’s Omnipod Horizon hybrid closed loop system is now enrolling participants. Data will support FDA approval, expected in the second half of 2020.


Seeking participants? That link says that they’re fully enrolled. Did it fill up that fast or what?

I saw this number discrepancy this afternoon and thought it was funny.


A future closed loop conversation happening at my house…

CGM - Captain! We’re showing a 60. And dropping! We’ve got to cut the basal!

Meter - Uh…no, we are at 143. Increase basal, Captain!

My body - :roll_eyes:

I know I am naysayer on this stuff, but that picture is just one example of the type of numbers I see all the time.

Voice of the CGM was provided by Scotty…


I occasionally see numbers like that, and it’s almost always the meter that seems off. But, I’ll wash my hands well with soap and retest, and almost always the meter then tracks more closely.

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I’m with you Eric. Cgm technologies MUST improve and become more accurate for any loop system to be truly effective (and not potentially kill you). We see this all the time also in our house and the reason we do so many finger sticks.


I wish more people were. Last month the Dutch health insurance overlords finally decided that the Freestyle Libre should be covered for everyone with T1D, but simultaneously they reduced test strip coverage for Libre users to 200 per year. :man_shrugging:

I agree. A Dutch company developing a dual-hormone artificial pancreas even uses 2 CGM sensors for safety reasons I believe. If the sensors differ too much, the system prompts the user to do a finger stick. As far as I know, they’re using Medtronic Enlite sensors, no clue why they picked that one. CGM technologies really must improve, because I for one wouldn’t be thrilled to wear 2 sensors and 2 infusion sites all the time.

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Medtronic enlites are nothing but random number generators.

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Man that sucks! That’s less than a month for me!!

We are going backwards…