Omnipod Horizon study paused - Time to Market expected early 2021

Insulet today announced that it plans to pause the pivotal study of the Omnipod Horizon™ Automated Glucose Control System to correct a software anomaly.


I don’t understand why insulet just can’t seem to get their act together on this… they are falling behind rather quickly it seems even though they have the pump, that if it could keep up to date, that many customers would prefer

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They’ve said very little about how Horizon actually works. Their obviously teamed with Dexcom, but are they using Typezero to design their algorithm, if not, who is designing it?

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they were already way behind before they started. They don’t even have a low glucose suspend feature, ■■■■, the Dex doesn’t even pair with the pod now.


From the link:

The identified anomaly could result in the system using an incorrect glucose value which has the potential to impact insulin delivery.

So… Insulet does not measure glucose. I mean.

My bottom line interpretation is that the guys in Insulet don’t trust the BS glucose readings they are getting elsewhere and they lobbed off.

Kindof inline with @Eric’s recent posts.

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Maybe dexcom’s magical rounding/smoothing algorithm is causing the problem :smile:

There is very little information - I think the only other thing that I read somewhere is that the algorithm is completely contained on the POD but that might have been a comment from ADA or something. nothing official

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The algorithm is imbedded into each pod.

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That was a reply to me, right?

No: I’m asking for your original data, not attempting in any way to criticize.

I don’t come to the same conclusion. I read it as their algorithm can’t understand the CGM readings, rather than the Dex is inaccurate. My Dex is never outside 10 points if my contour meter. Both Tidepool and Tandem have algorithms that work beautifully with the Dex.

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It’s in the transmitter; by a process of elimination. The other authority, xDrip, cannot get the unprocessed (raw/original/authentic/bogus) readings from the sensor. It doesn’t matter; in a pure statistical analysis everything counts and nothing BSes, religion counts, opinions counts, but only data affects the results. So (remember) the only other thing that can change the result is where the data comes from.

Horrible, but true.

They’ve publicly stated the loop algorithm is in the pod. You don’t need the pdm with you for the algorithm to run. Tidepool’s FDA approved omnipod loop will be in the app, not the pod. If you’re away from your phone, the loop will stop working and go back to the programmed basal rates until the app reconnects to the pod.

I don’t have a dog in this fight. I was hoping they could get Horizon out quickly, because I have a dear friend who desperately needs this for her omnipod.

What is “the pod”?

The algorithm software is programmed into each pod, not the pdm or phone app.

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What is the “pod”?

Are you being daft on purpose? You really don’t know what a pod is?

There is no algorithm, in the sense that you mean, inside the pod. From your point of view it is simply a syringe with a 150IIU capacity and 0.05IU accuracy. It really is not any more that that and, in its praise, any less.

For the time I come from, its just junk.

I’ve explained it to you enough. I linked an article that explains how it’s going work. Whether you choose to except the information is not my responsibility.

Ok. The relevant statement is this one:

With our Horizon product, the pod will communicate via Bluetooth to Dexcom CGM

So internally it gets glucose readings directly from the G6. Those are, presumably, the unsmoothed readings, since the smoothing seems to take 10-15 minutes (2-3 readings) and that is pretty much useless for a closed loop.

So, I still don’t understand; Insulet are not measuring BG, they are taking readings from the G6, probably with a lot of support in interpreting them, but still from the algorithm in the G6 transmitter. They say, emphasis added:

The identified anomaly could result in the system using an incorrect glucose value which has the potential to impact insulin delivery.

So, the G6 delivers shxt and Insulet use it. They came to the same conclusion as @Eric in this thread;

He compared G6 with, just G5, and had problems with the G6 reading high. Quoting Insulet again, “an incorrect glucose value which has the potential to impact insulin delivery.” @RCA221 was more explicit (yes, this is a cherry picked comment):

G6. 7.1% of the time, or 9 readings out of 126, your bolus, which was intended to take you to 100, would have instead dropped you BG into the 50s and 60s. (4 50s, 5 60s).

Despite the cherry picking I can see that Insulet might concur and be concerned for exactly the same reasons.

If the G6 transmitter delivers consistently high readings that can, potentially, be an issue for loop algorithms. It depends on what BG the algorithm is targetting and how big the errors are; having a higher BG target mitigates larger systematic errors at the cost of killing us sooner.

Meh - I just figured out that their “phone app” to run on your own phone is Android only (just like the current PDM) which makes it a no-go for me. I’m an Apple guy. Not going to keep carrying 2 PDMs around. As much as I like OmniPod an no tubing, their technology remains too far behind others.

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