T1John, sending warm thoughts and wishing you well


I just wanted to send @T1john, fellow FUD member and diabetic, fellow questioner of everything Medtronic, fellow researcher, explorer, and answer-finder, and sharer of nice thoughts, some positive thoughts to use until his return. He’s had a very tough day, and maybe he could use them.

I hope tomorrow is better, T1John.


Hope you are okay T1J. I am sorry to hear about your day. :frowning_face:


Wishing you the best, @T1john! Hope all will turn out well.


Sending positive thoughts your way @T1john and wishing you well.


@T1john, Hope everything works out in short order for you!


Thanks to all of you


You’re up! :hugs:


Thank you, I feel a little better. In cardiac ICU probably for a week or so they say. Have great docs, cardiologist is best in area, and my vascular surgon is one of top in country. They are jointly working on me.


I’m glad to hear it, @T1john. :hugs:


Sending positive vibes your way, @T1john.


@T1john I’m glad to hear you are where you are, getting the help you need! Like everyone, I’m sending good thoughts and prayers your way!


Take it easy, and I am sure you will do well in cardiac rehab when you get there. Lots to look forward to, like making fun of Nicky and Eric!


Best wishes to you @T1john! I’m glad you have some good docs.


Great to hear! All you have to do is Rest and Recover! Thinking of you with kind thoughts, love and best wishes!


Thinking of you @T1john! Hoping your recovery is smooth (is that even possible in a hospital?). So glad to see your reply, so that we can keep you in mind with more specificity.


Just wanted to say thank you all and i got out yesterday.


@T1John, that’s great news! How are you feeling? What a relief that you are home!


Thank you, physically okay. Am not handeling being home emotionally, havnt been here since my loss and subsequent heart attack. But i have no choice but to deal with it, so ill get better.


@T1john. :heart: I’m glad you’re home, and I’m glad you’re okay. I wish I had something more helpful than that, but I don’t. I’m sorry that you’re feeling the way you are, and I hope sleep comes easily tonight. Maybe a little sunlight through your own window tomorrow morning will stir something positive inside. If not, you know where to find everyone. :heart: