T1D teen multitasking at breakfast

Novolog + Lantus :slight_smile: You can see his Dexcom, on the belly for once.


@Michel @Kaelan That is just unbelievably awesome. Some kids never cease to amaze me.

About ten years ago my wife and I were on a short layover at the Dallas airport and I went to get some coffee. The kid in front of me was thumb texting about 150wpm…on two phones simultaneously!

I just don’t know how they do stuff like this. I have enough problems just doing one thing at a time. :cold_sweat:


Wow that is awesome!!! @Michel @Kaelan

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@Kaelan @Michel, What an amazing shot! And an excellent multi-tasker! Well, done not letting diabetes hold you back!

It’s also worthy of note that a shot like this isn’t all triumph. It is hard to see–the brilliant effort of a 13 year old. Reminds me of this discussion:

Do you have anything like dex-tape on top of the site? @rgcainmd had recommended it some time ago, and I’ve enjoyed it so much!

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Does he always inject Lantus in the stomach? I’ve always used thighs and hip for basal… the cde who taught me to inject said that’s how she instructs all her patients, basal below the belt and bolus above… said it had to do with absorption consistency, could be hot air for all I know but I’ve stuck with it

They tell you that because there are different absorption rates in different areas - arms versus mid-section vs legs. They want consistency, so they simply use that as a teaching method to aim people toward consistency. If you are exercising with your legs, you will have faster absorption, and the bolus could come in faster than normal. That inconsistency troubles the CDE :fearful:, so they don’t want you to bolus in your legs.

But there a few problems with that idea:

  • In areas where there is more fat underneath the skin, the absorbtion may be slower. Not all stomach shots are the same!

  • In your lifetime, you may end up taking 5-10 times more bolus shots than basal shots. If you do it the way your CDE says, you will be more likely to wear some areas out sooner. This can lead to lipohypertrophy, which can also delay absorption a great deal.

A better plan for a lifetime of injections - rotate as much as you can, use every place you can, and do not overdo a single area. Just be knowledgeable of different absorption rates based on the area and how much you are using the muscles in that area immediately after the injection.

You can actually inject anywhere. Forearms, calves, chest, almost any part of the legs or arms. The insulin works. This can help you avoid lipohypertrophy.

We rationalized it a different way. We rotate bolus all over except on the stomach: love handles, thighs, arms, etc. Basal we only do in the belly.

Beyond having more places to rotate for bolus, our other thought is – we want the basal to be very consistent. My son is very skinny, so the belly is almost the only area where he is a little thicker :slight_smile:

Very interesting. I’d never heard of that differentiation for where to inject basal vs. bolus!