T1D’s Taking Over “The Voice”!

I just happened to put on “The Voice” bc it’s one of the few safe prime time shows to leave on with my kids still up.

Anyway, I was happy to see Nick Jonas as a judge. T1D’s represent! And then there was the most amazing 14 year old boy country singer. The show did a mini segment on that boy at home and I kept rewinding it to verify that I saw an infusion set on his arm, too! I love that through his whole interview about all of the instruments he plays, and lawns he mows, etc, they/he/his family never talked about T1D.

Maybe for where I’m at in my emotional journey with T1D, I find it awesome that it wasn’t even Top 10 in things he talked about. :muscle::muscle::heart::muscle::muscle:


Super cool! I always get so excited when I see that representation in media.

I don’t watch American Idol at all, but there is I think at least 2 T1s on this season (one who talked about it in his interview and then another who sported her pump, but didn’t talk about it at all). Super cool to shout out the community while not making that her defining characteristic!

I also think on this kids baking show (not sure the name) there were a couple T1s this season!

It makes me think there may be a movement towards showing off diabetes as something that we go through and is thus a symbol of our strength. Kinda cool!