T1D 3rd place in half-marathon

A T1D got 3rd place Overall in a half-marathon this weekend, and 1st place in Masters.

Not a big race, so it isn’t anything too exciting, but just wanted to share it so everyone can know that PWDs are getting it done.


Time? Pics?!

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That is SO AWESOME! And if someone deserves it, it’s you!

Can you share your prep, race and post race?

At some point I can put some things together.

But the reason I wanted to share this today is a very simple thought. Diabetes is not the limiting factor for most things. If you work hard at it, diabetes can be overcome. It is a very small thing.

Anybody’s race speed comes down to a) how hard they work at it, and b) their natural athletic ability. And anyone can overcome a lot of shortcomings on “b” with a little extra “a”.

But as far as the disease, it really doesn’t matter a whole lot. If you work hard at it (the “a”), then the disease won’t matter. Ultimately, it is not the disease that limits you. It’s “a” and “b”, nothing else.


@Eric, this is really awesome! In a way it’s funny that running has the potential to kill us PWDs, but you actually won against normals!

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Not running (or not exercising) is probably more dangerous to anyone in the world than exercising is to us PWDs…

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Go you! Third place is amazing!

And, your above thoughts are right on. I often think this about T1D - it’s just a thing EH has. And I think you can apply the above thoughts to much more than only racing.

But good work on the race. :wink:


Yep, that’s exactly what I am saying.

Whatever your passion, the disease is small compared to your heart and mind.

This post is not about a single little race for some T1D, it’s about not letting D stop you from pursuing what you want.

I don’t think D is the limiting factor for anyone. Fear and self-imposed restrictions will always be more of a limiting factor for anyone.

D can be a small box we sit inside of. But we can push the walls out and make it bigger and bigger, until we break the walls and live free.


Were you wearing your FUDiabetes shirt?!?!? Gratz buddy!


We actually do need some shirts!



I was thinking a good image for the shirt could be a guy on top of Mt. Everest, wearing a CGM on his arm, flipping everyone off?




This is fantastic! Congratulations!!!