T1 w/ Peripheral Neuropathy and GI Transit Times

Type 1 diabetic patients with peripheral neuropathy have pan-enteric prolongation of gastrointestinal transit times and an altered caecal pH profile by Adam D. Farmeret al; Diabetologia; April 2017, Volume 60, Issue 4, pp 709–718

Conclusions/interpretation: Pan-enteric prolongation of gastrointestinal transit times and a more acidic caecal pH, which may represent heightened caecal fermentation, are present in patients with type 1 diabetes. The potential implication of delayed gastrointestinal transit on the bioavailability of nutrition and on pharmacotherapeutic and glycaemic control warrants further investigation.

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I’ve often surmised that this may be a factor in our individual responses to foods and combinations thereof.

It may also explain why my hall bathroom is always filled…

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