GLP-1 & GIP gut hormones role in T1D

This article describes the role that gut hormones GLP-1 and GIP have in maintaining blood glucose levels, and how the newer generation of these therapies work in those living with T1D.

Mentioned: impacts on Time In Range, A1C, insulin needs, micro and macrovascular complications, and multi-organ benefits. As well as a brief discussion on off-label insurance coverage.

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Thanks for posting this. I guess it would only be a matter of time before researchers started thinking about the T1D. One passage caught my eye:

"GLP-1 therapy, if helpful in an individual, may also be a “forever” therapy like insulin, which must be considered. If one brand isn’t producing the desired benefits, another GLP-1 trial may make sense.

In clinical practice, Dr. Levetan now prefers dual GIP-GLP-1 therapy for her T1D and T2D patients; but ultimately the selection depends on insurance coverage."

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And I thought to myself … 'in 10 years I’ll be taking 40 prescription drugs and will have to bring a whole separate suitcase along for all my meds when I travel…"


Thank you! A very interesting article.

I have found the article “The Six Dysfunctional Hormones of Type 1 Diabetes” helps explain different hormones affected in the pancreas.


That’s because SO MANY hormones are affected in T1D, not just insulin!

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Yep, links are imbedded in there to that one. I wrote them both🙂