Switching to Tresiba from Levemir

Hi y’all,

I’ve just picked up a box of Tresiba pens, gonna give it a try after years of intending to do so!

Levemir 2x daily has worked fine for me, except at the low dosage I use (10U am, 7U pm) doesn’t last 12hrs.

Any tips? I’m thinking I’d start with the same 17 units, at my normal pm dose time, 9pm. I’m using a libre 3 CGM currently, so I can watch it overnight, etc,


I think that’s the right idea of the place to start. I’d give that a trial for at least a week or so, and adjust as necessary. It’s also very valid to switch from pm to am tresiba dose if you’re not getting the results you’d like after a reasonable adjustment period

I’ve had phenomenal results with tresiba….

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Thanks Sam. I’m assuming you’re dosing 1x per 24 hours?

Yeah once per day, generally either in morning or evening. I wasn’t particularly disciplined about trying to do at exactly same time every day

Thanks Sam,

Ok so started my first dose this AM, same as total daily Levemir in one injection.

Is it possible to break the once daily injection into multiple shots, so as not to inject 15-20 units in one spot? Not sure of pharmacodynamic concerns here. My memory tells me one of the basal insulins needed injection all in one shot, (maybe lantus?).

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You could I suppose… I wouldn’t expect there to be any benefit, it never crossed my mind

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I’ve been using Tresiba for a few years and I’ve done some experimenting with my dosage and timing and I landed on taking a higher morning dose and a lower nighttime dose, even though it says it lasts 24 hours. Here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. It’s still a hormone, so it matters when you take it - I have an alarm to remind me when to take it.
  2. I read the info sheet that comes in every box and did some extra research and found out that you should have at least 8 hours between doses.
  3. Tresiba can stay active in your body for up to 48 to 72 hours - this is important if you’re experimenting with your dosages, because it’ll take a day or two before you start seeing the effects of a dosage change. Be patient, make an adjustment, then wait at least 2 days before you make another adjustment.
  4. That said, I do notice a difference pretty quickly if I forget to take my nighttime dose.
  5. Be careful not to mix up your morning (probably higher) dose with your nighttime (probably lower) dose, but if you do accidentally take too much at night, you might not notice any drastic difference the first day but you might on the following day. Just be aware of that.

The month or so on 1x daily Tresiba didn’t work out very well, big DP spike, good coverage while sitting at a desk, but way too strong when doing ANY physical activity… Lots of lows, interrupting my activities.

For the time being, I’ve switched back to Levemir, and so far, so good. Then I realized it’s being phased off the market…

So eventually I’ll experiment with 2x daily dosed Tresiba, assuming it will have shorter duration for smaller doses…