Switching to Basaglar from Levemir? Temporarily reduce dosage?

Hello, I am switching insulins tonight. I am currently taking 18 units twice daily of Levemir. Should I take the same for Basaglar or temporarily reduce the dose to be safe?

If I were in your position, because I wear a trustworthy CGM, I’d start with 17 units twice daily of the Basaglar, expecting my BG to run a little high, then do basal testing and make gradual adjustments over the next few days to put my BG where I want it. If I didn’t have a CGM, or I didn’t trust my CGM, I’d also set an alarm for the middle of the night and take any needed correction to stay safe until the basal was adjusted to keep the overnight BG in a good range.


@SD1, Levemir and Basaglar can be significantly different in their duration. As @bkh said, be conservative initially. Plan to take a few days to ramp it up until you find the right amount.


Thank you Eric!


Thank you BKH! I remember having trouble changing from Lantus to Levemir!