Switching from Dexcom G5 to Freestyle Libre

I’ve been trying out the Freestyle Libre for almost a month, with both the G5 and Libre sensors on my arm. I put them through the paces: highs, lows, flatlines, swimming, hockey, etc. I’ve got binders full of BG numbers comparing the two to a Contour Next One BG meter and they each are “close enough” for me. So far I’m impressed with the Libre and am seriously considering dropping the Dexcom. My Dex transmitter is due to die in about a week and I’m tempted to save my next transmitter for a rainy day and go solo with just the Freestyle for the indefinite future.

My own personal pros and cons of making the switch are below, looking for comments from anybody else who has used one or the other:

Pro (switch to the Libre only):

  1. Seems to catch uptrends and downtrends better/quicker than G5;
  2. Easier/quicker to install sensor (they even put two alcohol swipes in the box);
  3. No calibrations;
  4. Less expensive, even if I have to pay cash for the Libre sensors;
  5. Logging bolus and meals is quick and easy…checking the log (what time did I bolus?) is easy;
  6. No elaborate taping of sensor…They seem to really stick well with no extra adhesion needed.

Con (quit the Libre and keep the G5):

  1. I glance at my BG on the Apple Watch a LOT…sometimes swiping the reader is inconvenient;
  2. No alarms;
  3. Reader is smallish, easy to lose or forget to bring with;
  4. BG trend graph on small screen is hard to see and imprecise;
  5. If you forget to log something, you can’t “go back in time” to enter it;
  6. Dexcom Clarity is more user friendly than LibreView data software and provides more useful data plots;
  7. LibreView software provides a lot of averages that are screwed up if the logging is incomplete;
  8. 12 hour dead time when starting a new sensor…The 10 day sensor life does not fit my weekly routine;
  9. I only get two day battery life on the Libre reader;
    10, No idea yet if or how my insurance will cover the Libre.

Despite there being more cons than pros I am still inclined to switch. Any users of one or both of these know of any pros or cons I missed?


@John58, you don’t need the alarming? Or are you considering one of the third-party semi-permanent readers that you set on top of the Libre?

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At this point I plan to go out into the world alarm-less. The 3rd party readers would only work for me if they are waterproof. I have had many low alarms that got my attention but over the past 6 months or so have not had any while playing hockey or sleeping. I feel some lows coming on but not all so going alarm-less might be a slightly risky proposition.


@kenrick experimented with one, with which he went swimming (not sold as waterproof though, but he GrifGripped it):

@MaryPat has a thread where there is discussion about some options:


I also tried Libre for 10 days, using dexcom at the same time. I agree with your pros and cons. But for me, alarms is a deal-breaker.

I may consider the 3rd party solution at some point, but for now have plenty of dexcom sensors that last 2-3 weeks each.
Hoping that more insurance companies may start covering Libre.