Survey from Tandem

I received a survey from Tandem yesterday. A question they asked that I found interesting was ‘Would you like the ability to switch back and forth between Control IQ and Basil IQ?’ They then gave you space to explain why.

I said yes, because more features are better. But my explanation focused more on the user being able to define BS targets in Control IQ. Meaning if I could adjust the BS targets in Control IQ, I probably wouldn’t have a need for Basil IQ.

Anyway glad they asked the question and shows they are at least considering customer feedback. I know a lot of us were disappointed that going to Control IQ meant giving up Basil IQ.


We filled it out much the same, although we took the angle that having both allows you to have the advantages of Basal IQ for times when Control IQ isn’t appropriate.


Completely agree!

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I just got same email. I responded yes to having both, more choices for US to see what works best. I got X2 tthis year, and only CIQ option available.

Agree, would like to have more settings to tweak, and find out what works best for me.

Today, had rising BG and normally would have done manual bolus correction. But decided to wait and see if CIQ would bolus. About 20 minutes later it did, after passing 140 it did bolus, but took another 15 min to level out and start going down after hitting 165. Too much delay for my preference.

Survey also asked when and what pump I would choose next. That’s 4 years from now, so I replied I would wait and see.
I miss the much simpler reservoir change on medtronic, and see no advantage to the tslim funky cartridge.


I said the same.

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