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@beans_betes Craving carbs suggests a couple of possibilities, involving cellular insulin resistance. Some autoimmune type 1 diabetics are also insulin resistant type 2 diabetics. This has been called double diabetes.

As a 32 year type 2 I only get good control of appetite and stable and good blood glucose levels if I exercise daily. I have progressed from diet and exercise to diet, exercise, metformin and MDI (actually on a pump). When I don’t exercise I have to use more insulin and get poorer results.

The other thing that is possible, if I am right assuming you are a woman, is PCOS, poly cystic ovary syndrome. PCOS is known to cause insulin resistance. Whereas regular type 2 is caused by up to 70 genetic variants.

There are drugs that are specified for type 2 that can help increase insulin sensitivity in type 1 patients. The go to is metformin. It does increase sensitivity a bit, it’s big thing is to decrease glucose from the liver and to slow the emptying of the stomach. It is the 1st line drug for both type2 and PCOS.

Another drug that is sometimes prescribed off-label to type1 patients is Ozempic. It has helped some by decreasing appetite and encouraged weight loss.

Anyway, I may be off base,


Your craving/binging could be due to high BS. Your body is reacting to high BS-low cellular sugar, due to secretion of gut hormones telling you to eat more to increase cellular sugar. It is a vicious cycle. If you basel and meal bolusing got you in euglycemia you would likely find you no longer had the craving.
Invokanna is a different class of drug than the other T2 drugs like Ozempic. The former inhibits re-uptake of serum glucose by the kidney, and has a black box warning for causing DKA. The class of drugs represented by Ozempic are based on gut peptide hormones and affect stomach emptying and satiety. They restore normal prcesses that are lacking in T1/T2 diabetics.
Is your endo a diabetologist, or just general endocrinologist?


Interesting, I’ll have to read up on these terms. He’s an Endocrinologist who himself has Type 1. Idk if he treats things other than Diabetes.

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I’ll look into PCOS. I have terrible periods so have to take birth control just to control the amount of blood and the pain. Don’t know if that’s related to PCOS. This drug scares me in that it could cause nausea, something I deal with almost daily and the doctors can’t find a why.