Stuck on weighted chin ups

So I can’t get passed the barrier of +50lbs for 4 clean reps, what’s the fkin problem I did lower the weight and worked myself up and still can’t get passed 50 lbs for 4 reps,I tried almost everything form is on point I pause for little at the bottom then up,I touch the bar with my chest that’s how high I go l so what’s the fkin problem Any solution would be welcomed.

In training, are you including both more reps at a lower weight and fewer reps at a higher weight?


How many cardio pieces of training do you do? I can recommend purchasing a treadmill 8 Best Compact Treadmills (Fall 2022) – Reviews & Buying Guide and using it every day for 40 min, fat burns well after at least 30 minutes of running, choose an average intensity. If you have a possibility and time you can jog in the park, it’s even harder and more effective.


I use two pieces of cardio equipment daily. Stair climber and cross-trainer (ski machine). 20 to 30 minutes each. The stair climber, I set at random and level 8 for the first 5 minutes to warm up, then the next 10 minutes I crank it up to max (20) everytime the bars go up, then push it back to 8 when the bars move back down. Climber is the biggest bang for the buck imo. In 30 min, I burn over 500 calories. Cross-trainer I set to 18, random and go as fast as possible every time it hits the lowest (easiest) resistance level.

I swore when I got out of the Army I’d never run another day in my life. :smiley: To this day I can’t stand running.