Strips testing barely out of range with control solution

Lately I’ve had a couple of sets of strips test close (or right on) the upper bound when using the control solution. Today the value was 137, range for contour next ez is 109-136. What do you do in that case?

I think control solutions are almost useless. The range is so big. The fact that it is in range is all you can go by for that.

The best you can do is use 2 meters and compare them with each other. And then then use two different vials of strips on the same meter, and compare those.

Compare 2 meters with the same vial, and then compare the same meter with 2 vials. That tells you more than 2 vials and 2 meters at the same time!

That can give you an idea if the meter is bad or the strips are bad, or neither.

Don’t be bothered by the fact the strip tested on the border of the control range.

And my other advice is…throw out the control solution. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Those are maddening.


Thanks! This is helpful. I’m not planning to toss the strips, but it did make me a little more nervous that it tested just outside the range. In that case, you’d test against a different meter then and keep the strips?

Yeah, I don’t think control solution is really worth a whole lot. It can tell you if a meter is totally broken, but not much else.

Do you have a 2nd Contour meter and 2nd vial of strips?

I give my full 100% total confidence vote to the Contour meters and strips in general. Maybe strips can go bad if exposed to humidity or they get wet. Or maybe if moisture gets inside the meter it can screw the meter up (this usually resolves itself after the meter dries out). But most likely it is fine.

Were you experiencing problems and that is why you tested it with control solution?

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I’m going to expose my ignorance here and admit that I test the first strip of every vial. I’m guessing that might fall under the heading “things one is told to do that might not be necessary.” I did not know that.

We get enough variations from fingerstick to fingerstick that if I wanted to compare two different lots of strips, I would use the same drop of blood.

Now that we are using the Contour Next One meter, it is actually feasible to test the same drop multiple times !!!

(With that being said, we do NOT perform this sort of testing on any regular basis but only if we have reason to think the number just does not look proper.)

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So how many times do you use a lancet before you replace it? :smiley:

I’m just teasing you. I know, the control solution recommendation thing - but I just never found much value in it. It would be great if they gave you a control solution with a small range, like 5 points or something.

In general, a good meter can last you forever and not go bad. I have a FreeStyle that is almost as old as Kaelan!

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My impression is that somewhere after 2 years of age, my meters start to drift away from the laboratory readings. Not necessarily a fact, just an impression.

Might be the case, depending on the meter.

But that FreeStyle I have is still solid gold. :smile:

I use control solution with every test and my bg is always in range.


…what’s control solution? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Honestly, I’ve heard other D’s talking about it, but have never even thought to use it…


I definitely thought about using it once. I just can’t remember if I ever followed through.


Way back in the early days I would occasionally check but in the last 25 years I can’t remember ever using the control solution.


The one time I thought about using control solution my bottle was expired.