Strictly About Pizza


its 8:20pm here in brooklyn. just tested and my finger stick BG was 89. OMG! its been 6.5 hours since i bolused for my pizza. hoping it will stay steady. drinking a lot of water in hopes that it will fend off any late night spike or rise. would love to go to sleep and sleep through the night without having to take a correction.


What an awesome Pizza dosing success. You could not do any better than that! That’s a glucose normal track :slight_smile:


what does that mean?

(PS: last BG test i was 89 )


It means that it is what the BG of a “glucose normal” (i.e. a person who does not have diabetes) would have, in time, after eating pizza: as if you did not have D :slight_smile:


thx. thats awesome. maybe i dont really need to take insulin anymore. i’m cured :wink: (did i mention that my latest A1c came back as 4.8% )

i wonder how all this will work out when i am able to get back into the pool and start swimming again.


You’ll go down to 3% A1c :slight_smile:


@daisymae, I’m still in awe over your success! You need to teach me your tricks. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


well, i never ended up spiking last night. i stayed completely flat. overnight BGs were all in the 70s. woke up this morning at 74 and pre-bolused for breakfast. yay, it worked!!!. now i have a pizza formula. now i wonder if it will work similarly at different (but similar) pizza joints. experiment and expand my horizons…


Since the crust is a big variable in the amount of carbs, I would guess it will work at places that have a similar size and thickness of crust.

With that said, having made pizza’s in my teenage years, there is a huge difference in the amount of fat and cheese in a pizza. Basically, you can add 2x or 3x the amount of cheese you are supposed to without the pizza looking much different. But hey, testing out your local pizza joints is what having this site is all about.


yes, it is what this is all about. experiment, experiment, experiment. nothing is a failure :smile:


Oh too bad, I guess you’ll have to go eat lots and lots of pizza… for science.


what am i? the new eric guinea pig? :wink:


I had a bad pizza experience last night…

Ate some pre-made frozen pizza last night. Per the labels it was only about 50g worth but we all know labels lie… so I took 6u of novolog to cover it right as I started eating. I always, always have a big spike after the initial bolus wears off with pizza… so I was sitting around waiting for it. 2 hours after eating my bg was 75 and all was going so great that I fell asleep in my chair. I woke up at 3am with a bg of 250… I clobbered it with 8u of afrezza and sat around til 4 am by which time it had dropped to about 130, so I figured good enough and went back to bed. Woke up again at 5 am at 150 and beat it down with another 4 of afrezza and went right back to sleep… then woke up at 7 am at about 75

Pizza without the dosing pain

I am curious: was it a pizza brand you have eaten before?


And I am curious: what kind of pizza was it (pepperoni, etc)?


Probably had, the results are always the same with pizza. I ate 1/3 of an ultra thin-crust safeway select pepperoni pizza and 1/2 of a Totino’s personal sized triple meat… wished I’d been using the cgm that time


Sounds similar to my first frozen pizza experience after starting insulin…haven’t attempted it since, but now that I’ve got my Libre, I plan to use the two crusts in the freezer as soon as I can have dairy again.


The real problem is that you are braving the pizza corrections for sub-standard pizza. That is a venial sin, get thyself to a pizza place and do it right. For penance, also have a milkshake and say a couple hail Humalog’s


Truth! Taking 4 times the normal amount of insulin is totally worth it for a great piece of NY-style pizza – but Totino’s is so not worth it.


Yeah it wasn’t a planned out culinary adventure or anything I was just in a hurry and didn’t have any real food planned. Tonight I do though!