Extended bolus question, if anyone is around like sort of RIGHT NOW

OK so it’s one of those holiday nights and there are people eating a dinner I’m in the midst of cooking and I accept that there is a glass of wine nearby which complicates math BUT

I can’t bolus more than 5 U at a time (because of leaking).
For this meal my bolus is a whopping 14.75 U.
For this meal I know an extended bolus of 60/40 over 4 hours work nicely.
I took 60% of 14.75 which is 8.8 and delivered 5 of it right away and the remainder over 30 minutes.
I meant to deliver the remaining 6 U (14.75 - 8.8 near as damn it) over 4 hours but instead the habit took over and I did 5 up front and the remainder over 30 minutes.
But I still want the effect of the 4-hour extended bolus.
Do I eat extra carb to use up the 6U extra, and start over doing another 6U over 4 hours?
Or do I just accept the mistake and deal with the high later?

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@Beacher, I am arriving after the fire, sorry…

6 over 4 hours so 1.5 per hour. Your first hour is good, possibly your next 30 minutes. So, if it were me, I would eat extra carbs for 2.5 hours = 3.75 U, and start an extended bolus of 3.75 over 2.5 hours after the first 1.5 hours.

What did you decide to do? Would love to know how it turned out!

Thanks so much to @Thomas and @Michel for your suggestions. With an evening carb ratio of 1:8, I decided to eat 48 g additional carb to compensate for the extra 6 U. I peaked at about 9.5 (170) several hours after dinner, and then plunged to 2.5 (45) 3 hours later. Treated for that and held nicely steady around 5 (90) all night. So the extended bolus, despite the initial mistake, worked as intended and there was no delayed protein/fat rise. I suppose the later crash was just because of all that insulin, even though it theoretically was all matched with food, and since it was a mistake anyway, I’m not going to sweat it. Thanks again.