Strictly About Pizza


I was hovering around 135-140 mg/dL pretty much all night. For reference, most other things, I spiked up to about 120 and was down within an hour, and my fasting BG seemed to linger in the 60 to 80 range for most of the day.


Ah, ok. So not terribly high. Interesting though! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


That’s how my endo’s nurse has explained it to me. Also the protein will cause a later rise.


Our own formulas have changed over time, and they also depend upon the pizza. Thin crust is much easier, and deep dish Chicago-style harder.

Right now, for 2 sliced of Costco pizza, we dose 100% bolus upfront, then another 50% bolus extended 1.5 hours starting an hour after we eat. Typically, but not always, this avoids a spike.


Pizza if eaten too late cause all night highs for Liam. So we don’t let him eat pizza after 7PM


We like real pizza but we always bring it home. For a simpler pizza slice, I weigh it, call it 1/3 carb, and take a bolus with 50% up front and the rest over 2 hours. For a pizza with lots of veggies I’ll call it 1/4 carb rather than 1/3. The slices typically weigh 180 to 210 gram, so that’s 60 to 70 grams of carb per slice for the simpler pies. Daisymae’s estimate of 80 grams for 2 slices would not give me nearly enough insulin for the pizzas we have. But with a thinner crust or smaller pie maybe that could work.



so i had 2 slices of pizza yesterday for lunch. i bolused for 90 gms of carbs with 35% up front and 65% extended over 2.5 hours. i started with a BG of 90, and maintained a flat line of 120/125 throughout the entire day. it was only at 10:15 pm that i spiked to 175; i took a correction and was ready for bed. i woke up during the night to test, and i was back in target range.

so i think that this was a true success. although, next time i think i will bolus for 100gms. just a thought. but very happy with how it all worked out.

it was the best pizza ever, and i ate slowly so i could savor every bite. so worth it!!!



Congrats! You’ll have to eat pizza more often now that you’ve got your strategy down :wink:

nom nom :pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza:


no kidding. i plan on eating it at least once a week. perhaps making it a regular “date” with my husband :blush:


Awesome!! I’m planning to tackle pizza again soon, now that I can have dairy, have the Libre, and have a steady supply of Afrezza. :slightly_smiling_face:


good luck. i found going in, that i was doing an experiment and i would not consider anything a failure. i would simply enjoy every bite, and just let go of whatever my BGs were doing. i took a wild guess and took the chance. i based a lot of it on my formula for a large grilled cheese sandwich. :wink:


Was that the actual carb count or @Eric’s double-the-carbs?

I’ll have to try your 35/65/2.5 formula next time. (Why, you ask, when my formula is working for me? I dunno. Why not?)


i have no idea what the actual carb count was. i looked on the internet for “large slice of cheese pizza” and the counts were between 32 and 38gms a slice. so that would come to about 76gms of carbs on the high end. then i added some more to account for the cheese. and i decided to add a bit more on top of that, hoping i would over-shoot what i actually needed and then hoping that it would work out. whenever i have a grilled cheese sandwich, i count for 65gms with a 50/50% dual bolus over 2 hours. i figured i would be eating more cheese on the pizza, so i extended the length of the bolus for the pizza by 1/2 hour. it seemed to work well.


Great job!,

I like this and will try something very similar next time we have pizza - and wam glad to have Afrezza for a correction later if needed.


pizza experiment # 2:

okay so i had 2.25 slices of pizza (i shared part of the last one with my hubby) this afternoon. i was really hungry. i decided to try tweaking a bit on my last experiement to see what would happen. i bolused for 95 gms of carbs, did a 35/65% dual bolus for 2.5 hours and pigged out.

we walked for about 45 minutes after eating, so i think that ate up some of the carbs b/c i wasnt on any lowered temp basal rate.

2.5 hours after my initial bolus, my BG was 99. i still have 3 units OB for another 4 hours. i will be checking every hour. its experiments like this that make me feel it would be great to be using a Dexcom. but finger sticks work pretty well (if only i hadnt these terrible calluses on them, though :wink: )

i am eager to see how this plays out b/c with my last experiment i was stable for over 6 hours, and no higher than 134, but then at 10:15pm i shot up to 175 (just did an IM correction and came right back down). maybe today it will be different. i hope to stay stable. if i do shoot up again, then the next time i go for pizza, i will extend the bolus to cover 3 hours instead of just 2.5 hours. i might even raise the carb count, too.

signing off,


ooow. just tested at 5:30pm. this is almost 4 hours post bolus and my BG was 135. God, do i wish i had the DEXCOM. am i going to go up more, or will i stabalize? we shall see. i’ll test again in another hour.


That pizza sounds so good right now!!! Congrats on your success!


its 7:30pm and i just did a finger stick; BG was 102. keeping my eyes on this; it would be really nice to have that dexcom cgm. also, hope i dont spike later this evening. pizza is such a tricky food to manage. but it tastes so good that its deff worth the effort. MmmGood. :sunny:


If the highest you end up going is 135, that’s AMAZING! :astonished: