Sticking the landing

Sometimes you have bad days. And then other days, your kid eats a giant croissant covered in matcha frosting from a fancy bakeshop (So San Francisco!) , monkey bread and a carton of milk and you stick the landing!! Crazy – he had some unknown number of carbs, fat and protein didn’t go high, or low, all morning and now he’s about to sit down for lunch.


You have just got to love those days! Awesome

What a gorgeous landing! I only wish we could do it more often…

I love your expression for it: “sticking the landing.” It is so perfect, in so many ways!

I know I’ve mentioned before the day I had when I took no bolus insulin, ate more than 400g of carbs (mostly o.j.and candy), and never broke 100. Later that evening I peaked at about 160.

Diabetes is just so much fun!

BTW, that track looks awesome!



This is awesome stuff. Graph is just gorgeous.

Congrats, it’s so great to have a real “feel good” day for you because we can all use them!!