Here's why I don't eat carbs

Lovely flatline eating low-carb breakfast and lunch.

On a spur of the moment decide to eat a granola bar. An hour or so later decide to buy and eat some delicious (and sweetened) dried mango while picking unrelated things up at the store…

A high that’s lasted five hours with no signs of abating, nearly 20 units of insulin, three blouses and two IM injections. Probably a long night ahead.

Not worth it.

Hopefully I’ll remember this next time!

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When did you bolus for the granola bar and mango?

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Granola bar was 2:25, mango was 3:15.

It’s 10:30 and I’m still sitting at 13.4 mmol/L. I did think I was going to come down into range at one point, but then it just bounced back up.

I did change the time I took metformin (from breakfast to dinner), so maybe the half-day gap made my liver go crazy… Or maybe it’s hormones… Or maybe I’m just really sensitive to carbs…

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Oh, I also ate two glucose tablets around maybe 2:00, before I ate the granola bar. I thought the CGM line was starting to dip down. So I think those glucose tablets start the initial rise, before everything goes crazy.

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The conclusion.

I did another correction and ran a +100% basal for four hours. I fell asleep accidentally, but thankfully when I woke up at around 5:00 AM I found I’d landed perfectly. (Those ups and downs are real, not just the sensor being inaccurate…I kept doing IM corrections, dropping fast, but then rising again as soon as the insulin wore off.)

Hopefully won’t repeat this anytime soon! I do wonder whether changing the timing of metformin played a role in addition to the carbs. My insulin doses didn’t change that much after starting it, but maybe stopping for half a day made my liver dump glucose like crazy and/or my cells super insulin resistant.

Also, relating to recent discussiosn about ketone testing, this is a perfect example of where ketone testing was helpful for me. I wondered if my site was bad, but when I checked ketones they were only at 0.3 mmol/L, which is normal (same as negative on the urine strips). So I knew that I was getting insulin, just not enough, and continued on correcting rather than changing everything out unnecessarily.

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Sorry you went through this but it’s AWESOME that you came down smoothly! Nothing like going to sleep (accidental or otherwise) and not knowing what the heck is going to happen, then waking up to a smooth landing. I was just curious about whether the bolus and wait happened before the consumption of the food, but I’m sure you’ve been doing this long enough that that was the case! Some foods just don’t agree with certain individuals…and they vary from individual to individual! Glad it worked out, but sorry for the extended high!

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Now this morning without eating yet I’ve spiked to 10.5 mmol/L in the past hour. So we’ll see how today goes. No idea what’s going on!


Did you fill low at all? Rebound high possibly?

I did drop to 3.8 mmol/L, but I don’t really consider that a low. I just slammed this high down very aggressively (pump correction, IM correction, 30 minute +100% temp basal), so I’m now back in range again. :slight_smile: I think maybe this may be hormones, or perhaps stress (I’m getting read to go away for a two-month internship), or maybe allergies (I recently stopped taking antihistamines every day because I hated feeling drugged).


Where do you inject for IM? and do you use 8mm or 12.7mm syringes?