Forgotten bolus - argh!

I used to forget boluses on a fairly regular basis before I got a CGM. But it’s been quite a long time since I’ve forgotten one, especially since must of the past few years has been eating low-carb.

I’m currently burned out (not being able to eat eggs has done a serious number on my happy low-carb routine) so am not eating low-carb. This morning when I went to bolus for breakfast my pump alarmed that it didn’t have enough insulin. So I changed cartridges and then ate breakfast.

Realized on the way to work that I was feeling high. Nothing will ruin reveling in a 24-hour almost flatline (minus two fairly severe lows) like testing to find you’re 19.1 mmol/L (343 mg/dl). Checked IOB to find nothing except the small one-unit correction I’d given before getting out of bed for waking up at 7.1 mmol/L (127 mg/dl).

About 13 units and two hours later I’m down to 13.3 mmol/L (239 mg/dl).

Ugh. One of many advantages (to me) of low-carb: forgetting a bolus would result in a high of maybe 11 mmol/L (200 mg/dl) that could be brought down in about an hour. None of this battling all morning nonsense.


Anything that takes us out of the normal routine, right?

Like I can bolus before meals every single time, but if it is something out of the ordinary - like maybe being very low and thinking I should bolus after the meal instead of before - and just that little change in the normal routine can potentially mess you up, right?


@Jen, I hate that for you. I that for me, too, when I do it. We all do it.


You said it.

@Jen I missed on the other morning. I think I had all four of my kids making noise and my wife was talking to me while I was carb counting and punching the carbs and insulin dose into my phone. Then I forgot to punch the insulin dose into the pump…


I feel for you. Twice last week I walked out of the house without taking my Tresiba or my other meds. Thank the Lord that my wife noticed and texted me to come back and take everything.


But see, that’s normal for me. I might miss it if everything was quiet.