State health rankings report

Here’s the link to the full report:


Nice data set, no real surprises, wish it also included what each state spent on the healthcare in each sector so we could see where the gems are that get good outcomes and don’t spend a lot to get it. Of interest is how well Utah does in the ranking, yet they spend the least per capita on healthcare in the nation (2014 data)

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Unfortunately I’m not sure you can give credit for the good health outcomes to the states and their governance. Utah has a particular culture (high marriage rates, low alcohol and substance abuse rates) which automatically translates to better health outcomes. Each state has to work with the population they have… and for most states there’s a lot of inertia.

Also, places like Colorado benefit from high elevation, which is known to reduce obesity rates…

Still, interesting nonetheless.

Utah is a unique case though some of the same religious cultural factors help account for Idaho placing 14th. As our population grows, especially with incomers from states with higher costs of living, we are seeing more drug abuse and domestic violence. :frowning:

I’m not sure that the religious cultural factors in Utah always contribute to better health outcomes. Utah is actually ranked very poorly for deaths due to drugs (44th). Opioid addiction is not a new problem for the state either.

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