Spooky, control - re: there is life after unrelenting hormone highs

Well, we hit a new place this week. Not sure why, but we had been having incredible hormone highs (>300 bg) for quite a while (>6 months) and things had begun quieting down, and now this is what my son’s control looked like the last three days without anyone waking up at night (other to correct the low) to correct the highs, without doing anything special, while playing baseball and doing everything else a busy 14 year old’s life throws at him in the week before finals.


This is great! It kinda looks like the light on the other side of the tunnel!

We, of course, are only getting into the tunnel. Is the 4:00am a real low or an artefact? It seems very late for a low, since I figure his last insulin injection would have been around dinner.

Have you every had a few days of peace before, since he entered puberty?

It is a real low, he had a strenuous baseball workout on Tuesday, so I think it was just a response to his basal settings from that.

No, this is really the first peaceful days in the last 6 months. It is weird, because we have been fighting so hard, for so long, and for the last three days, it has been like a good dream.

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I feel so good for you!

I think we have an uphill fight for the next few years, though.

These are really good tracks compared to mine. I normally have several peaks a day that are not food.

Is it possible to know what he injected and when? It is interesting for me to know if he and I do the same things.

Sure Kaelan, he uses a pump and Lantus. He uses the Lantus so he can disconnect from the pump during baseball games, and have a slightly upward trend which he treats periodically by reattaching the pump in the dugout and giving a little insulin. When he has a particularly strenuous game (he catches) he doesn’t need to give any additional insulin. It works out well.

On the tracks above, he only treated for meals, so 6:30am 11:30 - 12:30 depending on the day, and 4:30 pm for dinner, since he had baseball every day.

Just know that this is the first tracks we have seen like this. For the last 8 months we have been battling multiple hormone highs at all times of the day, and especially at night that require 2-3x the insulin that food would have required to address.

My son turned 14 in January, and this is the first look at what life might be like following the rapid growth phase. We of course expect the rapid growth and hormones to return at any moment, but are really enjoying the peace and quiet. These few days are making me feel much better about what life will be like for my son once the growing is over and he can live his life without all the turmoil and tracking. Ask any other questions you have.

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That’s really great. I have to inject a lot right now.

Me too. Since January.

I like to inject a lot when I have a peak, because otherwise I might have to inject many times. But that means sometimes I need to take carbs because I might get low. How does your son decide what he will inject in a peak? And when does he inject? I inject when I alarm at 130 or 120.

He injects on almost every upward trend above 130 on his CGM. Because we have a pump, we don’t have to hit them really hard at one time because it is so easy to add insulin at any time. His usual dose for an uptrend is 1.7-2.3 units and then he checks again in 45-60 minutes later to see if it is having the effect he wants.

At night we set the alarm for 230 because we aren’t going for as tight a control as you are, and we are having alarm fatigue. So we only wake up and hit the high highs at night.

He does try to “land” lows with 5-6 carbs on a downward trend that looks like it will go below 100.