Small vials

I found these and thought they could be useful. These are sterile vials, and they are very small compared to a normal vial. They hold 2ml (200 units).

Could be useful for when you are going somewhere. Traveling, or even if you are only going somewhere for the day. They would make a good spare vial to carry. You can fill them with whatever you want, and would be easy to put in a small pack.


Great idea.

Although many have pens they carry, wondering if a pen cartridge would also be usable to withdraw insulin in case of pen failure?

But I don’t use pens, so will order some sterile vials.

I have Tandem pump, and previous Medtronic pumps, and always had syringe with me when out, that I planned to use to get insulin from reservoir in case of pump failure. The small vial seems more convenient, and easy to replenish. Could do one with long acting too.


If I was smart I would’ve posted a link.

This is what I bought. Only $1.99 per vial, plus shipping.

Ultra Spec Sterile 2ml (13mm neck) Clear Sealed Glass Vials

Here is the link:


I found on Amzn

10 vials, 2 ml, sterile, clear, $15.99

Description is:
2ml Sterile Clear Serum Vial 10 Pack Silver Seals

3 sellers listed.


Can you share a link?

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Thanks MM2. I just used your link and bought the 10 pack on Amazon. Im certain I will never need this many spare vials, but I know having them on hand for travel or exercise will be very handy. Also, they will fit in Christmas Stockings for all the little Ds I know :rofl:

This is something I have done in the past as well. But its a real PITA. This method seems much more convenient, especially bc you dont need to take your pump apart to get to the reservoir.


What do you do for covering the top?
(Hopefully, this is not a silly question. I use from the vial at home - is always in the fridge, in the box, except when i use it.


I am not sure what you mean. The vial comes with the top attached, just like a normal vial.

It is basically the exact same thing as a normal vial, just much smaller. So it is more portable.


I leave it uncovered. If concerned about it getting dirty, cleaning the stopper with an alcohol wipe would work for cleaning, and putting the vial in a baggie for travel would keep dirt away.


I don’t think you need to do anything, although if you were worried wipe it with alcohol wipe before pushing the needle through the septum. My son has had vials rattling around in a gym bag for months and injected without issue, so you are probably much more careful than that.