MDI: saving all your priming insulin

If you wanted to really really really save as much insulin as possible, I can save you a few units per pen…

It might be over-the-top, but it’s easy.

You can get sterile vials for very cheap.

For example, here is a 10-pack of sterile vials for $14.

Prime into the vial. You can label the vial with a date or whatever. At the end of a few pens, all of that primed (and otherwise wasted) insulin will be in the vial, which you can use.

(Make sure to remove a few units of air from the vial every once-in-a-while, so there is no pressure in there…)


This is sheer genius!

We prime probably 7-8 times per day…


I love it!! I had actually looked at something similar when I first went to MDI therapy, with the idea of getting smaller ones to use so that I was not transporting full vials when out and about. But it never dawned on me that this was also a way to achieve as little waste as possible. Looks like my preferred dosing area is about to get some new friends to join in on the action.


This is such a good idea. I’d say you’re amazing, but we all already knew that. :laughing: