Sincere thanks to the Diabetes Hands Foundation, and welcome to tuD members

The Hands Foundation, which has operated the tuDiabetes community for the past 10 years, has announced that it will wind down, and hand the tuD community over to Beyond Type 1.

The tuD community has made a big difference to the diabetes online community over the years. We would like to thank the Hands Foundation for fostering the community and give the #DOC a good place to meet over all these years. Many of us are members at BeyondType1, and we also want to thank this organization for accepting to take on the responsibility for the tuDiabetes community.

We welcome all members of tuDiabetes who would like to find a dual home with us through the transition and beyond. How we are different:

  • We are a self-managed community, driven by its own users, rather than top-down.

  • We believe that our differences make us stronger. We encourage discussions and differences in opinions. We do not cast away members without due process.

  • We believe that people with diabetes are UNLIMITED by this disease, and we do whatever we can to that effect.

  • Our members take an active part in driving our community projects, and we support them in their own initiatives to fight diabetes.

  • Rather than forbidding outside links (a common practice among most diabetes forums), we welcome them. With diabetes, knowledge is power. We want our members to have access to source information – and, in general, to as much information as possible.

  • Differently from BeyondType1, our community is shared between Type 1s, Type 2s, and all other types of diabetes.

We see both tuD and BeyondType1 as allies in the fight against diabetes. Many of us are also members of tuD and BeyondType1, and we believe that membership in these organizations is complementary. Welcome!