Senator McCain's speech is remarkable

Chastising BOTH sides, stating the facts as we Americans are requesting…let’s work together; something that hasn’t been done in the Senate for YEARS…over a Decade quite possibly. Maybe his brain surgery and his resulting speech will cause the kinds of bi-partisanship that I think we all agree is so necessary for something as critical as Health Care. They spend so much time bickering with one another and “up upping” each other, and it’s disgraceful.

If you haven’t heard his speech (it’s still going on), I’d recommend listening to it.

Amazing American.

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More like hypocritical American who voted to proceed with a bill that hasn’t received any of the due process or fair procedures that hypocrite pretends to be about and will deny more than 22 million Americans the type of health care he’s currently benefiting from. Not to mention the fact that for those that get insurance under this new law, deductibles are about to go up to the point where having insurance will be pointless for many anyway (if you think Obamacare is bad, this is going to be a whole new level of awful). Seriously, I’m so tired of people pretending McCain has any kind of honor or has acted any differently from any other spineless and slimy politician in ways that actually count, at least for a long time now. He can say whatever crap he wants, but he’s still ultimately acting the part of the coward he truly is.

@cardamom, this comment leads me to believe you didn’t listen to his speech. Had you listened, you’d have heard him say this vote was ONLY to proceed to normal order where amendments and debate would be held and that he did NOT support any current bill.

I’m not a Republican so generally dislike any viewpoints that they hold because they go against my own values; however, his speech today was inspiring and something that you really should listen too since you seem to harbor some significant disdain for someone who really spoke eloquently and sternly to both sides about coming back to normal order within the Senate.

As far as his honor…his views, although they aren’t like my own, is unquestionable and for anyone who feels otherwise I would only ask you to list the things you’ve done for your nation? As a 4 time combat vet myself, I wrote the same blank check that he did for up too and including my life, had that been necessary. His honor has never been questioned by anyone other than our jackass president and that’s shame on him. For you to feel this way about him really speaks more about you than it does to him.

I would advise you to get educated on the topics at hand before spewing hate toward others that’s really unnecessary.

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I don’t think being a combat vet means the rest of your life is honorable. This is also a man who called his wife the most vile word a man can call a woman in public. He’s a man who has played political games like the rest of them and compromised his own supposed values many many times. He’s screwed over many Americans as a politician, even if he fought for them as a soldier. I don’t speak to his honor as a soldier, but the man does not deserve nor get my respect now. If you want to believe the rhetoric he’s spewing at you, go for it. It’s bullshit, especially considering nothing about this bill has been fair or reasonable to date, making nothing about this normal or reasonable order. But you can pretend to live in his make-believe world if it comforts you. I feel perfectly educated about the world I actually live in.

This says nothing about a mans “honor”. It says he’s not the most kind, considerate person and has said things he shouldn’t, but doesn’t speak to his honor.

Please cite examples. This is what most people with no knowledge of anything throw out and usually have no ability to provide clear and concise examples to support the argument.

Again, please cite examples.

He agreed with this…you’d do well to stop speaking until you actually listen to his words.

We are actually on the same side of the argument I believe…I am fairly certain; however, that I’m not as closed minded as it seems you are. I’m talking about both sides doing what’s long overdue…working together to create something that IS acceptable, or just fixing Obamacare.

The way you are speaking now is much like a lot of people I know in real life, including my family. They are the first, and the loudest at spewing hate or disdain for others while a) not really knowing why they hate this person or that person, but more importantly, doing nothing to help any situation; rather, being happy just being blissfully hateful for no real (or at least no real understood) reason.

I agree with you on the current House and Senate proposed bills and if you’ve read my other posts you’ll see I’m one of the more vocal people against them, as well as the Republicans views in general. However, I’m educated about my disdain…I get a sense that’s not the case with you. If I’m going to slam someone, you better believe I’m going to bring solid (not from Fox News, for instance) reasons that are backed up by fact.

I wish you well with your hate! Our nation, and our healthcare won’t be fixed with this type of attitude.

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McCain’s remarks after the vote to proceed

I’m not saying McCain is a particularly dishonorable politician. But he’s no better than most, and few are what I’d call honorable people by profession. It does grate me to see this myth of McCain as some honorable figure now, because he was war hero then. Off the top of my head, a few specific examples of McCain being what I would consider dishonorable:

Endorsing Trump ever for an office he knew the man to be grossly unfit for (and being fine with Trump saying horribly offensive things about many many groups, but only pulling his support when his comments are about white woman, like those he’s related to).
Saying he’d block any supreme court nominations from Clinton if she were elected.
His questions and votes during the cabinet nomination process.
McCain said the GOP move to change the rules around the 60-vote requirement for cloture was terrible and would harm democracy and then voted with his party for it anyway.

So yeah, if you want to interpret his speech as genuine, go for it. I just can’t, because he’s certainly not earned that from me. I suspect it’s just a well crafted move (written by his staffers and nothing to do with him anyway) to distance himself from the extremely unpopular bill he will eventually vote along party lines for, because McCain generally does that, even when he knows better.

And I think that’s what really bugs me the most about him—he is smart enough to know better it seems like, and then he’s hypocritical and votes against his beliefs along party lines and confirms terrible, blatantly unqualified people and does all these things. And he used to seem like a guy who wasn’t afraid to break with the main GOP when the situation called for it, but that version of McCain hasn’t been around for a long time. So words are cheap, and I am unmoved by them. Votes are what count.

Someone else sums up the “talk is cheap, votes are what matter” cynical take on McCain’s speech:

Ah, so it’s perfectly legit to trash a dying American hero in the main forum as long as he’s a conservative politician , but funny memes of Democrats hidden in the politics section need to be sensored… this is kinda what I was talking about. Cheers.

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I don’t see a problem… just a double standard

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