Scouting trip to Matamoros, Mexico for Novolog / rapid-acting pens = successful (~$67 with tax for 4 pens)


Hi - so I’m following up on my thread from before that morphed from - “hey let’s talk about Humulin/Novolin 70/30” to the general unaffordability of being able to buy what you need here in the U.S. and other options.

In preface I just got another 3-6 months’ worth of my usual insulin Humulin 70/30 pens through prescription coverage. Also, I am currently finishing up a Novolog pen that I use as correcting shots (1-3 units total/day). In talking to a few wonderful folks on here (Israel) it came to my attention that I could buy what I needed OTC without a prescription much more affordably not that far away. I live in Corpus Christi, TX - about 2.5 hours away - from Matamoros, Mexico - across the river from Brownsville. I have a coworker here in CC who is originally from Brownsville and has a dual citizenship and family that lives on both sides of the border so she knows the area well. My husband and I met her this morning in Brownsville, she drove us across the border, we stopped at 2 pharmacies - the 2nd of which had Novorapid (same as Novolog) - 4 pens and at ~$15/pen USD. Exactly what I needed and was looking for (was okay with any rapid-acting insulin in a pen actually) and almost a years’ worth of correcting insulin for me. It was prescription and hassle-free by a wonderful kind professional pharmacist and 2 blocks from the US border and the only minor issue I ran into was the fact my credit card(s) didn’t work and that is because I didn’t call ahead to them to say I was going international. No biggie and will remember that next time.

Huge relief and 1 more piece to the puzzle of getting what I need to be and stay as healthy as I can! Thanks to all here for the wonderful information so I could scout out and have the determination and support to give this a shot. :slight_smile:

P.S. Apologies for the rambling message - I’m celebrating with a Beam and Diet for a great day here in sunny south TX!



Nice !!!

Sounds like your location has some benefits.



Really glad you were able to find a way to afford the insulin that will help you manage this disease. A great result.


Thanks for sharing Beth! I’m guessing this will be useful info for lots of folks who are considering sourcing insulin from Mexico. Hopefully you also got some tasty lunch while you were there! :smile:


Thanks so much for sharing! It’s awesome that you’ve got a whole year’s worth of insulin needs taken care of. Must be such a huge relief.


I’m really glad everything (except the credit card thing) went fine :smiley:
And its great that you are so close to the border so you can come and go whenever needed.