Buying insulin in France and Spain: cheap, no prescription

In another thread (Buying insulin while in Canada) I discussed our experience in buying insulin in Canada. Over the past few weeks, we needed to purchase insulin in Spain and in France.

  • We were able to buy without a prescription in both places. I am not sure if it is because it is legal or because it is not strongly enforced.

  • We purchased disposable novolog (novorapid) pens in Spain for 48 Euros per box of 5, which is about US$55.

  • We purchased FIASP in France for 34 Euros per pack of 5 cartridges, which is amazingly cheap ($39). It is the cheapest I have seen insulin so far anywhere we have been, including Central America.

We will be sure to fill up on insulin in France before leaving Europe next summer :slight_smile: