Cheapest fast modern insulin you ever bought?

I thought it would be interesting and possibly useful (!) to find out where it is cheapest to buy insulin. It could pay for a vacation after all :slight_smile:

For us, as I mentioned in a different thread, it is $34 Euros (US$39 today) for 5 cartridges of FIASP in France.


I can’t beat that. I myself don’t pay anything for insulin, but without insurance 5 cartridges of FIASP would cost €35.99 in the Netherlands.


The sad part is that about seven or eight years ago I paid $105 for five cartridges of Novolog at my local pharmacy with no insurance coverage. $93 for a vial of Lantus.


I can identify, doc. In 2004, a vial of Lantus was $77 cash price at my pharmacy. Just now checking goodrx, it lists estimated cash price of $318. That’s a nearly 11% annual rate of return over those 14 years… Good thing everyone’s salaries have increased 11% every year to keep pace, not to mention annual social security adjustments…:smile:


My insurance pays, but it was $68.25 CAD for 5 cartridges in FISAP in British Columbia, Canada.

USD $52.33
EUR 45.16

So France is a much better deal than Canada and the Netherlands is better as well.

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