Safe hospitalized patient use of insulin pumps

I am not expecting to be hospitalized anytime soon, but it is always a possibility. I found this paper that I thought was interesting. On the use of in-hospital patients, the use of CGMs and Pumps.



@CarlosLuis Thanks so much for posting this. I and others have posted items addressing the situation, but it’s comforting to be able to quote something from the Joint Commission that accredits hospitals on how they should be handling these issues. It makes no sense for the medical community to nearly universally endorse CGMs and getting almost to the same point with pumps, yet allow and even encourage hospitals… almost solely based on legal risk determinations by people that don’t know about, understand, or use the devices…dictate CGMs/pumps can’t be used during a procedures or stay. Let’s see…take away what the person is used to, presumably has been working for the person, has been prescribed by a doctor and make the person use medicine(s) and means of delivering it they aren’t used to…yeah, that makes sense. I understand their concerns, but the logic is…illogical.


Thanks for sharing!

I am lucky that my current endo is at a great research hospital. Twice I’ve needed procedures and she coordinated with the surgeons about my CGM and pump settings. Then she was on call for them should anything go awry. It was great, no issues.

I had the complete opposite experience at a different hospital system, different endo. They even used a different insulin on me, allowed me to get to near 300mg/dL… Terrible.