Restaurant subcategory?

We just came back from Washington DC and have quite a bit of feedback on D-friendly restaurants.

I am wondering if it would make sense to start a restaurant subcategory where we can post such info? I know I’d love to be able to look this up.

First things first, did you make it to 2 Amy’s and what did you think?

Jokes aside— i tried historically to get a lively restaurant section going on other forums and it never took off. I was mostly thinking of places people might visit for special occasions such as while traveling to combine collective experience and take some of the stress out of special occasion dining while traveling to new places… the challenge is you have to have both a lot of heavy travelers / foodies / people willing to take the time to describe it all… almost lends itself better to a 30 min weekly food network tv show than a discussion forum…

We really wanted to go to 2 Amy after reading your review! But we never ended up in the neighborhood this trip. It is on our list for next time!

I am thinking restaurant reviews specifically from the point of view of diabetics, is that what you were thinking of too? For general reviews I agree it is the wrong place.

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Yes I was thinking along the lines of “I traveled here, I ate here, had this… this was my insulin strategy and here’s how it worked out, here’s what I’d have done differently…”

Such that eventually there’d be a worthwhile reference base online for traveling diabetics who want to enjoy phenomenal meals at memorable restaurants wherever their travels take them with a little less stress… armed with some advanced knowledge and experience

Sounds like it could be a great resource for any traveler.

More feedback please: yes or no?

Not sure how successful this would be. It depends. i.e. I can eat very diabetic friendly at many better restaurants by ordering a piece of fish and vegetable. Not sure how helpful that would be. On the other hand, I ate a Sonoran dog at XYZ and treated with 45 carbs and it was way too little might be helpful.

Yes! Yes!!

Done :slight_smile: