Categories: good except for Type 2 and Pregnancy

I just had a look at all the categories and how well they are filling.

They are all good, except for the Type 2 and the pregnancy categories - these are bereft of comment and traffic.

Not sure if there is anything we can do… @Irish, @walkingthedragon88, do you have any ideas on the Pregnancy category?

I have noticed the type 2 category is barren. Don’t know why. My question is why is there no prediabetes category? I would love to send my granddaughter here but don’t want to throw
her into the deep end. She really needs to be exposed to what she has to look forward to if she doesn’t change her ways.

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Hi @tduke!

I was just passing through and saw your post. I don’t know why it would be barren in here, but I know I’ve decided, as much as is possible, to drop the labels in my own group. I’ve got a mix of different types of diabetics, but discussion and posts are very device-oriented. I can’t help but feel we’re all after the same numbers, and that’s where I hope to keep the focus. I’m a “type 1” myself, but I couldn’t despise the categories any more than I do. Once we’re making use of the technology, I’m not sure how we came to be there matters.

About the pre-diabetes category though, I do agree that’s different. If your granddaughter happens to pass through here, I hope she wouldn’t be terrified by what she saw. I’m sure she’d pick up on the level of commitment this all takes though, and if she’s young, that might be terrifying enough. :smiley:

@tduke, it wasn’t done by making a choice. Our group was started by mostly Type 1’s, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want everything Type 2 to be here as well. Also, because of membership, most of the discussions here have been about people using insulin (Type 1 and 2).

If you want to start posting about pre-diabetes stuff, I am sure you will spark some good discussions and we can create a category for it. If you are interested, I will proposition our volunteer advisory team and request the category.


Sorry I am way past the pre diabetes stage but my grand daughter isn’t. It was her I was thinking of
when I asked about it. I was thinking if she had a forum about prediabetes she might get some
education and help avoid the problems of us old T2 folks.

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@tduke, there are a couple of issues I think that I combining to explain what you see. Most (although not all) T2s appear to become active on forums at the insulin stage, at which time T1s and T2s see somewhat similar problems. For the pre-diabetes stage (which, btw, is now debated by quite a few endos who believe that when you are pre-diabetic you are diabetic), I have hardly seen any posts by anyone on any diabetic forum.

So the issue is—we can create a prediabetes subcategory, but, without posts for it, it won’t help. Right now, any T2 topic can live under the general T2 category, be it preD or T2D. If we start seeing a lot of preD topics, then it would make sense to create a preD subcat. Otherwise, the only thing we would be doing would be diluting T2 posts.

I am not sure if my explanation makes total sense or if I should try to clarify it further?

That does make sense but I have to wonder what good could be done if we could get people like my granddaughter educated before they go down the path I did and I am sure so many others have. I am insulin dependent and that is not going to change but if it can be avoided by early lifestyle changes that would be great.

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