ReliOn Life starts new day during evening before?


@ReliOnAM Just wondering why my ReliOn Life app shows the next day before the 12am it’s supposed to? So my 9pm reading and all the activity, diet, mood stuff goes toward the next day rather than the current one? For instance, it’s February 11, 10:38pm, but it’s showing as February 12. Actually, come to think of it, when I connect to sync after 9pm, it’s syncing “1 previous reading found” from the night before, and I have to manually enter this night’s 9pm~ reading. The next night I have two of the same and have to delete one. Is it related? Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a glitch? I’ve only had my ReliOn Premier BLU for a few weeks.



Hey @JustMe, welcome to FUD!

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Thanks! New to all of this. Showed up pre-diabetic with last bloodwork. Monitoring and trying to beat the Beast with diet. crossingfingers Longterm prednisone use might be at fault. Darned RA. My other Beast.



If you can, exercise is extremely helpful too.



Did you check the date time setting on the meter ? Review log on meter and check the times on meter, compared to app. Maybe factory setting was not your timezone.



@JustMe, sorry for your diagnosis, but welcome to the forum!

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I got a recumbent stationary bike for Christmas. With my bone on bone knees, my ortho wants me up to 30 minutes at a time each day before we get my faux-knees. I can do 30 about every other so far! Never thought I’d be so excited about something like that! Lol! Me and the pup try to do an agility lesson at least twice a month, too. Keeps us both sane. :wink:



Just checked date/time. It is set correctly.



Hi @JustMe welcome! Hoping your ortho also gave you a compilation of stretches to do pre-surgery too. It will make the recovery from a TKA (TKR) that much easier. Blood sugar control will also play a huge part in your recovery, so the better your control is the less likely the chances for infection

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Hello @JustMe,

I am the account manager for the ReliOn meters and strips. I’m sorry you are having this issue. I assure you that it’s not your fault. Will you please call ReliOn Customer Service at 1-855-776-0662 so we can try to troubleshoot?