Reduced vitamin D levels in painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy

This article outlines a study that purports a correlation between low vitamin d and peripheral neuropathy, taking into account exposure to sunlight and daily activity. It’s a small sample, but I think that the conclusions are remarkable.


Very interesting. Just referred someone on another site to this article. That persons neuropathy is so bad they are contemplating elective foot amputations! Would be wonderful if Vit D supplement could help.

They do not know if it a cause or correlation. I feel better, however, in taking extra Vit D to help prevent neuropathy, which my father and a grandmother had.

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Very interesting conclusion.

The next step would have been to give Vitamin D to those who scored low, and see if it made a difference. I am really surprised that they did not do it. Instead of in interesting but by no means conclusive study it would be a breakthrough–if it had worked of course.

Or maybe they did it but did not report it :slight_smile:

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