Reduce risk of Diabetes - Drink More Water


My grandmother who had type 2 diabetes so I have had the plan to prevent the Diabetes in early stages.
Based on French researchers report, drinking about four or more 8-ounce glasses of water a day may reduce the risk of high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) but when I drink a lot of water I got frequent urination. Is my initial step of the plan failed?



@LaurenMs, do you have Type 2 diabetes, or are you just worried about developing it? Drinking water and staying hydrated is important for everyone, but has some benefits in diabetics. I hadn’t heard that drinking water would prevent the onset of Type 2, do you have a link to the paper?

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I have been known that diabetes is genetic disease so I just want to do something to prevent diabetes from happening.
The link I prefer to




Ok, so the study is only based on questionnaires and 3600 people. This is a directional study, i.e. pointing a direction for future study. The study author makes a good recommendation for further study:

“should be a study of people who say they don’t drink a lot of water, half of whom agree to increase their intake over a certain period. That would help confirm that drinking more water helps stave off high blood sugar, he says.”

I personally wouldn’t change my habits based on a 3600 person questionnaire study, but of course drinking 32 ounces of water also shouldn’t hurt anything either. If it was a lot more water, I would balk at it, since drinking too much water isn’t great.

If you want to do this, go for it, it doesn’t seem likely to cause harm, but doing it based on this study seems a bit premature. If they have done the follow-up study and that showed a difference, then we should all be drinking the water!

On the going to the bathroom often, if you do this consistently your body should adjust and you should start peeing less in a few weeks.