REBEL test

Here is the test I was talking to you about today…

And because I have been told I have Musical Tourette’s Syndrome (thanks @T1Allison :rofl:), I gotta post a music video of a guy you have never heard of…

And sorry, I think it was CalTech instead of Geneva.


Props for posting my favorite Bowie song of all time,


still kicking myself majorly :roll_eyes:

But I actually have heard of Bowie… from his most famous song (that is also included in many playlists deemed “the most beautiful songs in the world”) in this movie in 2012 :smiley:
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Do you mean from the blood donation thing?!?

How could you guess! Yes, it truly showed some character flaws in that I can’t say no sometimes or make myself a priority. Like I said, it all worked out, but dang :woozy_face: I’ll add this to my list of things to work on

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Didn’t know that song or that movie. I kept wondering why they were still making Harry Potter movies at that age but on such a comparitively tight budget. :joy::woman_facepalming::joy:


If you want a good dive back to teenage coming-of-age stories, the book is actually really touching and has stuck with me (much better than the movie IMO, but isn’t that how it always goes)


What’s the title? ETA: nm

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don’t look it up on google because the ending might get spoiled. if you do (or you get it for someone to) end up reading it, I want your thoughts on it!


Well, on the plus side - you kicking yourself is the best way to learn, and much better than me doing it. :grinning:

They will always take your blood. Any time. So don’t feel bad, just do it another day and you get the best of both worlds - a nice donation and also having all of your oxygen delivery still intact on race-day.

Call that whole thing with the CGM placement and the previous tests “Providence”.

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