Random D thoughts


@jag1, personally I would guess that for every 16 grams of product, 12.2 of those are carbs based on the picture. I may be way way off, but it might end up being a fun experiment.


People without diabetes in their life will never know the amazing feeling of sticking a CGM or GrifGrip on without getting any creases in the sticky part…mmmm…good feelings


Oh yeah!


You’re right! What I actually ended up doing was learn to “read” Japanese just enough to know which one was the “carb” line (I remembered carb line as looking like “king wearing crown - on the left”). I did that by comparing packages that I knew had very little carb (say nuts or squid jerky) to rule out which line was which. The serving size added some extra complexity since it was sometimes hard to know whether the numbers were for the whole package or just a portion, and it seemed they displayed that in different ways.

That said, I’m not sure why I didn’t just google it. (Well I couldn’t have googled it there since my plan to buy a Japanese SIM card on arrival failed when I discovered my phone wouldn’t work with their SIM cards). But it was more fun that way anyway.

p.s. If you ever get the chance to eat squid jerky - go for it!


Thanks for the recommendation! I just assumed it was a sweet snack (hypo thread) and the 12.2g is in approximately the same place as US nutrition labels. Not scientific, and definitely a leap of faith not knowing Japanese. As you mentioned, El Google would have been a good resource too…


That moment when…you’re about to eat an apple and peanut butter for a snack, and your husband happens to remind you of the 1/2 pint of ice cream you still have in the freezer. Dang. Totally different dosing strategy; too late to switch now. I’m going to be thinking about ice cream all night now…


Imho wrong strategy. Instead, I think you should be thinking of smacking your husband in the head :slight_smile:


Ice cream for breakfast then!


LOL! Well, he didn’t remind me intentionally - he got ice cream for himself, then I remembered I had some. It was probably for the best…flat line all night long…

@CarolynA, ha! I wouldn’t even dare. I can’t even look at sugary things in the mornings without spiking. Plus my kids are up, so I’d be forced to share… :wink:


Just add vodka to the ice cream, then you wouldn’t be able to share with the kids and the alcohol can help with the carb absorption. FYI - I am not being serious.

Edit, added the strikethrough, because it turns out my stupid idea isn’t as stupid as it sounds.


Why not? I think it would work… I mean maybe not vodka, but what about chocolate ice cream with bailey’s? Or even just plain vanilla swirled with raspberry+lemon/any flavor liquor… You might be on to something!


See if you use a distilled liquor, vs a liqueur, you’re only adding the useful effects of the alcohol but no extra sugar. So I’d suggest making a booze-shake—ice cream, maybe a little higher fat dairy (or if you’re like me, dairy-free ice cream and some coconut or nut milk), and your liquor of choice (rum could go well with a number of flavors, and I’m always biased toward bourbon myself).


Ok now I really want one of those, but lack the ice cream and the motivation to get it. Perhaps sometime soon though…


@Chris, looks like you started something!

You’ll have to let me know how it turns out! I can’t drink much alcohol (sensitivity), but these ideas sound yummy.


In Germany they serve a wonderful summer dessert consisting of Lemon Sorbet sitting in a shot or two of Vodka. As the sorbet melts you get some yumminess.


Vodka sorbet sounds fine but I think it would interfere with the creamyness of full fat ice cream.


I agree for the full fat treat, such as a Nutella milkshake rum works much better.


Because alcohol inhibits freezing, it results in a slightly softer ice cream, which I’d think would enhance the creamy mouthfeel. I’ve made full-fat ice creams containing rum, Grand Marnier, whiskey, and of course vanilla (which is flavoured alcohol), and I honestly couldn’t say the creaminess was compromised. Anyway, no harm – and much fun – in experimenting!


Man, it is about time they made a movie about an enormous gorilla that fights a giant dinosaur and goes on a rampage and destroys a city.

I mean, finally! What took them so long to come up with the idea of a movie about a giant ape fighting a giant dinosaur?

It’s about time Hollywood. Keep those original ideas coming! :roll_eyes:



I used to think that Hollywood made great movies. Perhaps it was because I was younger and just needed the distraction. But these days where finding a movie with a new story is like finding a buffalo nickel, I just use my time for other stuff.

If it wasn’t for Stranger Things and Altered Carbon on Netflix I wouldn’t have any reason to use my TV at all.