Rage eating

This is a busy week for me as a Catholic deacon, Holy Week. I also teach 7th/8th grade kids on Wednesday night. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening meal times are disrupted. Last night on my way home I saw my BG was in the 90s but decreasing. By the time I got undressed and wearing comfy home clothes, BG was 70 and dropping. Mind you I ate dinner at 4PM and bolused for it.

I ate one glucose tab and should’ve had 4. I then ate a package of peanut butter crackers. Then the rage eating began - I ate a 3rd of a bag of potato chips. BG started to climb finally, slowly.to 170mg/dl at bedtime. I did a correction on top of my pump correction.

I am a bit disappointed with myself. I normally deal with hypos with a measured use of glucose tablets and not giving in to hangry rage eating. I know this always causes hypers and possibly a roller coaster.

Since my recent surgery that involved repurposing a very small part of my small intestine, I have been hungrier than before, eating more food and bolusing more insulin.

I have more BG variability post surgery, with more hypers and hypos. Corrections are slower to bring BG down and food even glucose is slow to raise it.

A big Kudo to Tandem C-IQ. I woke this morning in the low 80s and C-IQ reduced basal holding BG in the 90s for the last 90 minutes.


It’s good to hear you are doing better. The one thing that comes to mind, immediately, is that with bowel surgery there is often a heavy dose of broad spectrum antibiotics give pre-op. That is a big (but necessary) disruption in your gut microbiome. And the gut is ground zero for our immune system.

The healthy microbes come back. I’d help it along with kefir, or brined foods, or (my favorite) yogurt.


For whatever it’s worth, I don’t think you need to be disappointed in yourself. I’m sorry your body was playing tricks. From everything this rando on the internet can tell, you are doing an incredible job juggling a litany of intersecting medical demands. :mending_heart:


Hey Carlos! You are only human, but an amazing one, with all you do. It’s good to hear see that you’re doing well. I hope you enjoyed the rage food.