Question for Sony SWR50 AAPS Watch Users

I noticed some recent instructions on installing Android APS, for a standalone device…do I install the Wear OS version of the APK or the phone version?

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Are you using xDrip+? You need to install Wear OS version to use it standalone.


Yes, the watch hasn’t shown up yet but thanks for the heads up. That makes more sense.

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For AAPS, can it be run standalone with the wear version, or can it accommodate the phone APK, or is there something else? I didn’t see this in the documentation.

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I might be misunderstanding your question but the “standalone” reference only refers to xDrip+, not really AAPS. Are you running xDrip+? xDrip+ can run standalone on the Sony SWR50 watch to communicate directly with the Dexcom transmitter. This means you do not need your phone nearby while receiving BGs from the sensor. When running xDrip+ standalone on the watch, BGs are synced back to the phone upon it reconnecting to the phone - when the watch is within Bluetooth range with the paired phone, or if you are using WiFi on your watch.

AAPS receives these BGs directly from xDrip+ in realtime if configured to do so. AAPS itself does not run standalone on the watch. AAPS does have its own watch app which allows one to bolus, etc. However, it is not standalone. It must be in range of the phone to actually complete the watch’s pump functions, such as a bolus. The phone needs to communicate with the pump in order to perform these pump functions.

If you are using AAPS in open loop then it probably is fine to use the Sony watch standalone (with xDrip+) to receive BGs, since you won’t be actually performing any pump functionality, but for closed loop you need the pump functionality, and will want your phone with you (ie., not standalone).

Am I understanding your question? Maybe you have a more specific question of what you are trying to achieve?

That makes more sense.

I just got the impression of standalone on the phones/watches spreadsheet AAPS phones and watches - Google Sheets
having the ability to have AAPS standalone as well. The other ones at the very bottom of the list are practically phones with the amount of ram they have.

One other thing,

Looking at the very bottom of Manual Installation of Google Play Service for Sony Smartwatch 3 — AndroidAPS 2.8 documentation

The apk file that is loaded to the watch appears to be around 25 mb, which would indicate the full app…I think

The apk referenced at the bottom of your link is for the Google Play Service. That is required for Wear OS. That apk is not the xDrip+ or AAPS apk. Is that what you are asking? These instructions need to be followed prior to installing AAPS or xDrip+ watch apps.

I have not seen this spreadsheet before!

I’m not familiar with the Lemfo or Krospet watches. If these are full versions of Android OS, then yes, you may be able to install the full xDrip+ and the full AAPS app on them.

I see the spreadsheet also includes SWR50 as standalone, and that it works directly with AAPS and the Dana RS pump. At least that is what the spreadsheet implies. The spreadsheet is rather confusing. I think this spreadsheet is edited directly by users. I’m thinking that someone added the SWR50 row and just specified the pump they are currently using, Dana RS. I don’t think they mean to say that the AAPS phone app will install directly on the watch (though the spreadsheet implies this!). It does “work” with AAPS via pairing with the phone!

Makes more sense now…looking at the Lemfo specs, they run actual Android…water resistance rating of IP 67 so not quite ready for swimming but it can get wet.

Just ordered KOSPET PRIME2 | First Smartwatch with 13MP Rotatable Camera – kospet-official to see if I can get that one to go.

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Please update us on your experience with this watch once you have a go at it. I for one would be really happy hear if it can support both pump and Dexcom functions standalone!

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Holy cow that thing is huge!
Interesting to see some different features and a pretty large battery for a watch though.

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Yes, after some research, seems like the company takes mid-level phone parts and uses them to create watch-sized phones…I’m guessing after a couple years the designs/reliability has gotten better…really wish they could get it up to IP 68 waterproofing…then I’d fully commit, but I think it’ll be fun to try and my current setup requires bringing a few pieces along so that’ll be an upgrade

Think I’m gonna send this thing back, it’s pretty darn big and although I got AAPS installed, I wasn’t able to see the upper left corner with the circular screen to get access to the config menu…I’m sure it’s doable somehow, but overall doesn’t seem worth the effort at this moment

The hardware does seem quite impressive though, so I imagine once the screen makes more sense and potentially the thing gets a little smaller and thinner and more waterproof things will be more in business…

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Yes, the image of it looked like it wouldn’t even fit on my wrist!

I’m glad to hear you got AAPS installed on it. That is impressive in itself. I would have liked to know if you could actually get xDrip+ to connect to it as standalone. That would really enable it (plus RL) to control pump and BGs all from the watch. Too bad the config menu wasn’t viewable but yes, should be pretty easy to modify the watchface to view it, but it may take code changes in AAPS.

At least we know it is an option now. Thanks for the update!

Pretty sure xdrip would’ve been ok on it if the screens configured correctly…I’ve done some Android programming in the past and think I could figure it out…but probably not worth the effort for this one. has some very interesting looking phones though so might have to test one at some point. The Atom L is even IP 68 waterproof (that and battery are the 2 things I look at for sailling even though the waterproof cases work pretty well…)

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Yes, I actually bought the first Jelly a few years ago and it worked great!! It is very tiny and the battery did not last long, but I used it with xDrip+ with no issues. I also used it for my backup cell phone with Google Fi and GPS. I still have it but no longer use it. I’m not sure if it was waterproof.