Quebec City's Les Anciens Canadiens: famous restaurant and easy to dose it

Last night we had dinner at a well known restaurant in Quebec City’s Vieux Quebec district called Les Anciens Canadiens. They produce traditional foods that old times Quebecois would have been eating (some recipes are more recent but the spirit remains the same). They are located in one if the oldest houses in Quebec, dating back to the mid 1600s!

We were a bit concerned about dosing, because we felt the recipes may be carby and high in fat, a deadly combination for us. So we decided to dose separately for each dish. We ordered a “menu” including appetizer, soup, main dish and desert for $50CAN. The menu also included an aperitif but my 13-year-old T1D son did not partake…

We asked the waitress to bring a dish every 15 minutes. We dosed ahead for each dish. We guesstimated carbs for each dish. When the food arrived, we found out that we had overestimated each dish, and my son had to eat a little bread with both appetizer and soup. Desert, however, was the exception: we had underestimated it by 25%, it was a large desert, so we dosed that much more when it arrived, ate it quickly and walked it off.

What was remarkable to us was that there was no post dinner peak due to fat, it was a very flat curve. It is rare to have a very large dinner in French cuisine without one! So we feel that this is another good restaurant for diabetics, with s fair number if carbs but limited enough fat that it is an easy job to dose!

Our total actual carbs were, in the end, 12 carbs for appetizer, 10 carbs for the soup, 35 carbs for the main dish, and 60 for desert (my son only ate about 75% of desert because he was really full, so for him it was really 45 carbs).

All in all, a good gastronomical experience and one that was easy to dose for :thumbs-up:


C’est bon! :smiley_cat:

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