Montreal's Le Toque: fabulous D-friendly restaurant to

We had an extraordinary, very diabetes-friendly dinner, at this amazing although expensive restaurant!

Le Toque (accent on the second e, but I am in my phone) is an institution in Montreal, and the chef got a James Beard award. They put Canadian food on the map. They focus on Canadian ingredients and foods, with exceptional flavor reinforcements a la Joel Rebuchon.

We got a same day, same hour (!!!) reservation (super lucky), walked down there and sat down. We had 3 hours ahead of us, and ordered the expensive gastronomic surprise menu, a 7-course dinner for $135CAN, wine pairing being another $50CAN for 5 glasses.

The dinner took 3 hours, and was extraordinary, full of unexpected tastes, arrangements and surprises! But the reason I am mentioning this restaurant is that, until desert, we only had about 15-20 carbs in all the plates they brought. My son injected 1.5 units early on, and did not have to add anything until 45 minutes before dinner.

As for the food, I don’t want to spoil any surprise for you either! There was a lot of fish, venison, vegetables, berries, French nouvelle cuisine, and some Asian influence as well: really a unique, totally Canadian experience with almost all local ingredients.

The restaurant does not tell you what you will eat, but we explained that we needed to dose and they discussed carbs with us, they were super nice.

We had an amazing dinner there, albeit one we cannot afford every day! Still, it was a wonderful experience and one that works great with diabetes!

As a note, on top of the price quoted in a restaurant, you need to pay about 20% of state and federal taxes, plus tip, so count on price listed + 40%: it came as a surprise for us:-)