Pump Users and Introducer Needles and Site Rotations


i always rotate my site when doing pump changes. but one of the weird things that happens to me is that i might find a nice virgin site where the introducer needle slides right in without any pain whatsoever. so i will tend to like that area and rotate my way around it for as long as possible. then, i will try out another site (going from left side to the right side of my stomach area for example) but, when i just touch the tip of that needle to my skin, it is painful and often some blood trickles out. i will pinch up some skin under bright lighting to make certain that i will not hit a cappilary, and try again. no luck. pain once more. so i continue to move my way around that area until i find a spot that is acceptable. it takes a while and it is frustrating.

why did this area hurt one week and not the week before that? has anyone experienced this, and, if so, have you found a solution that reduces the discomfort? ( when i was swimming every day, i would purposely do my site changes after the pool, b/c my skin was so cold that it was like having novocain on the area. since then, i have tried using ice cubes to numb the spot i am aiming for, but this has not really helped.)

please send me your tricks. all tricks welcome :wink:

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I have this problem as well. I think it was @cardamom who suggested it may be hormone related for us women. I’ve ordered some EMLA cream to try out during this times I just can’t find a good site, but haven’t actually had a chance to try it out since I decided to try Tresiba first.


PLEASE let me know how this works for you!!! i hope that it helps :sunny:

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I discovered this doing somewhere around 75,000 injections - sometimes it hurts and sometimes it doesn’t!

It just depends on where the nerve endings are under the skin in the area you are doing it. You can give two injections very close, and one will hurt like crazy and the other won’t hurt at all.

You can poke around at the area with a pen or something to see if an area is sensitive, but really there is a lot of luck to whether you hit a sensitive spot.

If you do it enough, it’s just inevitable that you will get a few that suck.


thanks Jedi Master of GA :wink: always the practical most obvious answers from you!

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