Politics subcategory and notifications

I’m just trying to figure out why I’m suddenly getting notifications for this category. I have it on ignore. @Michel, something broken?

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I don’t know. I am not getting notifications from this category. Are you sure you are still set on ignore? When did it start happening?

I could test the notification issue by adding a test thread to see if you get notified.

Yes, I checked…I still have it ignored, but I’m seeing notifications.

So just to clarify my understanding, because the politics forum notifications are turned off, unless someone deliberately turns them back on or takes deliberate steps to enter the politics category, they’d have no reason to even see this section of the forum… unless apparently they’re experiencing a glitch like maybe Harold is?
Is that correct?

The way it should work is:

  • normally any new post updates to the front page, which we selected to be the “recent” page

  • we removed /Share/Politics from front page updates, so new posts in that subcat should not be updating the front page

  • we did not remove /Politics subcat from updating the /Share category, so anytime you visit /Share, or /Share/Politics, you should see all post updates from /Share/Politics

  • we did not remove notifications from /Share/Politics, so whenever you should normally get a notification (i.e. if you posted in a thread and there is a follow-up, or if you get a callout), you still get it—I think.

When I test the system:

  • I don’t see new /Share/Politics post updates on the front page, so that works for me

  • I see all /Share/Politics post updates on the /Share category page, so that works for me

  • I do appear to get notifications, both on my browser (notifications turned on) and on email, when I get called out or when someone updates a thread I posted on in /Share/Politics. For instance, I got @ClaudnDaye’s callout.

But there are complex interactions between all these pieces, so it is quite possible that (a) there is some system bug, or (b) we did not do a good job at setting it up. It is quite involved.

This may be why I saw it. I think I posted to the original thread that was split/moved into the Politics section. No worries. I’ll just continue moving along…nothing to see here. :wink:

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Did you see the other test thread I posted to /Share/Politics? If not, you did not get notified :slight_smile:

I did not.

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