Insurance category

In the early categories discussion, many had requested "Insurance’ as a subcategory. It was really difficult to have it and keep every category to a single line of subcategories.

But, in the end, it is just too hard to keep “share” to only one line. So I just added the “insurance” subcategory.

Getting an error when clicking “Insurance” from the categories list (bottom selection.)

Hmm. I can’t duplicate this.

I am able to get there

  • by clicking on “insurance” subcat in the Categories page

  • by selecting Share, then the subcat dropdown

  • by clicking on “insurance” in the Latest page

It is possible that it is cached for me but not for you, so that I don’t see the bug, though. Are you able to still reliably duplicate?

My side fixed. For some reason “Insurance” was appearing in the main categories listing (at the very bottom). I hard refreshed my screen and it moved to the correct location. No issues anymore here!