PET scan and Dexcom G6

I thought I’d share this experience as PET scans are a little more rare than other types of radiation we expose our devices to.

Last week I had a PET/CT scan for an undiagnosed issue I’ve been slowly recovering from. Anyway, typically with x-rays/scans/airport security/etc my philosophy is to first look for manufacturer guidance and then test in a way that won’t cause me trouble or damage new equipment. Since my G6 transmitter was on day 63 and the sensor on day 6, it wouldn’t hurt to wear it as they’re going to be replaced soon anyway. I did take off my Pod as any tiny chance of malfunction with it has more serious consequences (even it it just screwed up the PET scan itself). PET scans require a 6 hour fast ahead of time and that you drink a special dye, which had 10g carbs.

After the scan the G6 has been working exactly as expected. There was some slight drift away from glucometer readings and a couple reading drop outs at night but that is common for me in the second half of a sensor. I did struggle with some high blood sugars (confirmed with glucometer) for 24 hours after the scan, but that is probably attributed to the fast before hand and removing the Pod for 1.5 hours.

Dexcom recommends against wearing sensors in a CT or PET scan, but I didn’t observe any poor performance after the exposure. In the future I will treat it the same way I would an airport body scanner.


Good timing, I will need a CT Scan on my head soon, and was wondering if I will leave the G6 on or not. Obviously not going to have the pump in the room, etc.


I’ve had 3 CTs in the last 6 months. As long as the sensor\transmitter is in an area they can cover with the lead blanket, everyone seems happy. I haven’t had a failure yet. MRI on the other hand… everything out. No exceptions.