Dexcom and airport security: careful

Dexcom says that it’s OK to go through the metal detector, but that

  • You should NOT walk through a body scanner (instead, ask for a pat-down)

  • your spare gear (sensors, transmitter, receiver) should not go through the xray machine and must be hand-checked. That is not intuitive:-)

They offer a “Medical Device Letter” to download and have available to TSA:

We just went through TSA and asked for a pat-down just in case. It took about 15 minutes to get the pat-down. The diabetic supplies hand-check took about as long in parallel. This was at a time with no line at all… So I can imagine it could be worse.

How I think you figure out what looks like a body scanner vs a metal detector: I think that the body scanner encloses you while you are scanned, while the metal detector remains open front and back. Confirmation, anyone?

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Full Body Scanners

Here’s a Youtube video that shows one (this was 2015 to technology may be a bit more updated now, but I believe they look about the same) - video shows the body scanner. We have all been through the metal detectors hundreds of times I I figure everyone knows what they look like.

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I’ve taken the Dexcom through body scanners multiple times with no problem. And run the receiver through the X-ray machine.

Following Dexcom’s recommendations are fine if you don’t mind the pat-down. But I just want to point out that Dexcom is not saying body scanners and X-ray machines will definitely mess up your Dexcom. They just haven’t gotten FDA approval for it. Getting FDA approval for anything is time-consuming and costly, so it’s simply easier for them to say “get a pat-down” than it is to get the approval for it.

I know I am not the only one to go through a body scanner with it. @Sam, you too?

If scanners messed them up, I’m sure it would be widely known by now.

I haven’t worn one through a scanner since I started using one again. In my past cgm era I was hell bent on being a nonconformist and insisted he pat down even when I wasn’t using a cgm every time I went through security…

I don’t have quite as much time on my hands to make a stand on such things anymore so I’d probably just go right through the scanner with it on

I had a pat down the first time and it took forever! So now I just walk through it without any problems.